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January 8, 2016
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January 9, 2016
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Employment Committee Chair


Email: randalld@washingtoncoreentry.org

Randall was formerly an employment specialist with Goodwill’s Job Connection Program and currently works for SE Works/WorkSource Oregon. He is now overseeing their Training to Work Program which is funded by a grant from the Department of Labor and helps those in re-entry with getting training, education, credentialing, and assorted basic needs like transportation, tools, clothing, etc. that help them find and retain employment. He works out of the Washington County Community Corrections Center and has partnered with many organizations and employers in the community to help the residents there. He helps residents there write their resumes, improves their interview skills, does career mapping, provides referrals to resources, and does job development.

He recently met with Corrections leadership to promote giving those in re-entry free background checks via the Law Enforcement Data System, which they have agreed to do. Anyone having contact with a parole officer, counselor, or anyone with access to the LEDS, can request a summary of their computerized criminal history. This will let them know in advance what will come up if/when an employer runs a background check so they can perfect the “incarceration speech” part of the job interview and distinguish between arrests, charges, and convictions.

He is also pursuing/promoting better background check laws on the state level. (Similar the those now in place in the state of Washington that limit the background check to the last ten years.) He is pursuing/promoting an increase in re-entry services by WorkSource Oregon and the Oregon Employment Department, and working with the other re-entry council members and community partners to develop more transitional housing for those in re-entry in Washington County.


Randall Davis

Employment Specialist

SE Works / Training to Work Program &

Employment Committee Chairperson

Washington County Re-entry Council

Phone: (971) 227-8078

Email: RandallD@washingtoncoreentry.org